Learn Indian Cooking

Learn Indian cooking at its best!   AN OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND WINDSOR’S UNIQUE COOKERY CLASSES WITH A LOCAL CELEBRITY CHEF   EXCLUSIVE HANDS-ON COOKERY MASTERCLASSES STARTING ON 04 APRIL 2020  until 04 July 2020   Discover the real flavours of India with Mridula Baljekar, award-winning Indian chef and cookbook author, who has come to international acclaim with her books and TV shows. Mridula will show you how to make exotic and delicious dishes from her world award-winning books. This is a … Read More


SPICES AND HOW TO USE THEM FOR SUCCESSFUL INDIAN COOKING   There is no doubt that Indian food is still Britain’s most popular along with Chinese and Thai.  The insatiable appetite for spicy food seems to be increasing among all age groups.  A breath-taking range of food, with very clear regional differences, makes Indian cuisine a multi-dimensional tapestry which is as rich as it is colourful and as intoxicating as inimitable.   Spices are the blood in the veins of … Read More


VEGETABLES, EXOTIC AND UNUSUAL , THEIR ORIGINS AND NUTRITIONAL VALUES In recent years, vegetables have become increasingly popular.  We are now well informed and, as a result, more aware of the benefits of vegetables and, furthermore, many people have chosen to become totally vegetarians.  The fear of heart disease and other problems associated with regular consumption of animal fat, vegetables have moved to the centre of the culinary stage.  As well as the regular vegetables on our market stalls and … Read More

Spicy cooking made quick and easy by T & G Woodware, Bristol

T & G Woodware have been providing high quality kitchen equipment and gadgets since 1975.  Now their Spice Grind mills have been given a more modern look.  Not only are they colourful, but they also grind whole spices quickly and efficiently just like you would grind whole peppers through your pepper mill!  Indian spices give you the best flavours when ground freshly just before cooking and this can be a chore.  Grinding spices is now at your fingertips!  You will … Read More