SPICES AND HOW TO USE THEM FOR SUCCESSFUL INDIAN COOKING   There is no doubt that Indian food is still Britain’s most popular along with Chinese and Thai.  The insatiable appetite for spicy food seems to be increasing among all age groups.  A breath-taking range of food, with very clear regional differences, makes Indian cuisine a multi-dimensional tapestry which is as rich as it is colourful and as intoxicating as inimitable.   Spices are the blood in the veins of … Read More

Mridula’s Kitchen Videos on YouTube

  The first of 6 shows of my YouTube videos on health benefits of spices is live NOW.  Look out for subsequent videos from the week commencing 19th June. Each spice will be dealt with with explanation of how they benefit you. Below is an example of what’s coming! The book Spice of Life to accompany the series will be out in August where you will be able to explore more healthy and tasty dishes.            … Read More