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Complete Indian Regional Cookbook

This book is beautifully illustrated with many stunning photographs which evoke the character of each region and the 300 recipes provide a delightful and inspiring range of dishes from this unsurpassed cuisine.

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Indian Food and Cooking

In this book, Mridula takes the reader on a gastronomic journey through India, explaining along the way, the culture, history, geography, religious and social customs and uncovers unknown territories of this fascinating country.

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Vegetarian Cooking of India

Among the 80 fabulous vegetarian recipes are diverse dishes from the different regions of India.Travel to the north-east to try Punjabi Royal Corn Curry or Duck Eggs and Cauliflower; sample clove-infused aubergines from the heartland or venture west to savour a saffron-scented yogurt. With clear instruction and beautifully illustrated with over 430 vibrant colour photographs, this sumptuous book will entice everyone with a passion for Indian cuisine.

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Regional Cooking of India

This superb journey through Indian cooking, taking in classic local dishes and well-travelled favourites, is the ultimate introduction to a world-famous cuisine. Among the 80 stunning recipes, you’ll find dishes ranging from simple, mouth-watering street foods to rich, roasted delights boasting colourful marinades and classic spice combinations.

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Vegetarian Indian Food & Cooking

Drawing upon the very best vegetarian food from around the country, the book presents a magnificent array of classic as well as some of the less well-known dishes, in a collection of 150 superb recipes, evoking the tastes and textures of traditional Indian cooking.

The Complete Indian Regional Cookbook

After the ‘Best in the World’ award by Gourmand International and highly successful sales figures, the first smaller edition of this book was launched in this impressive coffee table edition, which has more life-like illustrations of regional India and their food cultures. The recipes are very easy to follow and ingredients readily available in larger supermarkets and of course, in Asian stores.