Mridula’s Spice Box

 This is a familiar sight in most Indian kitchen, but people often forget that this is also a powerhouse of health and vitality.  While Indian spices add alluring flavours, tastes and textures, they also promote good health and protect us from various diseases.  All the spices have astonishing health-giving qualities and I will take you through each and every one of them,  only briefly,  as for more details and recipes, you will have to wait until my new book on … Read More

Babur Indian Restaurant

  I had been hearing really good things about this restaurant called ‘Babur’, named after a Mughal Emperror, in Forest Hill, London.  I tried several times to get there, but my workload came in the way!  Finally, I made it to Babur and was more than pleasantly surprised at Chef Jiwan Lal’s outstanding creations!  He really is one of the most imaginative, skillful and stylish chefs, and I admire all these qualities in a chef.  The food was sensational, presentation … Read More

Indian Restaurant in New Malden, Surrey

A wonderful new Indian restaurant has just opened in New Malden, Surrey.  The food, presentation styles and service, all excellent.  Decor modern and very pleasant.  It is so great to see good new restaurants coming up more and more in the UK who serve traditional Indian food with really modern presentation styles. I thoroughly enjoyed the soft-shell crab which was cooked to perfection, the kasundi chicken tikka was out of this world; what was so good to see that chef … Read More

Visited a wonderful Indian restaurant in Kent

The food and service at  Shampan at the Spinning Wheel in Westerham are excellent.  The food is traditional with a brilliant modern twist and super tasty.  The entire setting is magical and the interior is stunning.  Every Indian food lover should visit this restaurant; if you don’t you will miss out on experiencing how Indian food, in some restaurants like the Shampan, are moving ahead with time.  A classic example of cuisine and culture both being evolutionary. Look at some … Read More

Back from holiday and raring to go!

I am so pleased, I took a break in the USA, i found some great new foods and ingredients had a wonderful rest and got back to find my new mridulas kitchen is nearly for launch.

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