I arrived in New Delhi, the capital city of India on July 18th to a 33 degrees heat and bright sunshine.  After a few hours rest in an air-conditioned room I took my next flight to Guwahati Assam, another city of sizzling heat!  However, once you are indoor you do not feel the heat as 90% of the homes, restaurants and shops are air-conditioned.

So far I have had wonderful foodie experiences about which I will report in a few days.  I am so pleasantly surprised that the restaurants in Guwahati are serving such wonderful traditional food with modern serving styles. Fish, vegetables and meat are cooked in a bamboo tube in wood fired ovens with sensational tastes and flavours.  Bamboo shoot is another ingredient which appears prominent in most homes and restaurants. Fresh fish from the local rivers, unusual vegetables and leafy greens, goat’s meat, lentils and peas, all fabulous out here with subtle hints f spices in order to allow one to appreciater the natural flavours of the main ingredients.  I will be testing the recipes once I am back in the UK which will be part of my next book.  The cuisine and culture of Assam will be an awesome book as this part of India has not been explored before.  I am looking forward to writing this book !