My four wonderful days in Ibiza

I was able to experience the amazing food, wine, fresh produce, seafood and most importantly, lovely islanders because of two important friends, Piotr Sadowski and Glen Dixon.  They were very kind, hospitable and generous.  They collected me from the airport and drove to their beautiful villa in  to the village of Santa Gertrudis.  After a wash and change we drove to San Lorenzo where another dear friend Heike Fischer, had reserved a table for our dinner in the most sought-after La Paloma restaurant and we sat in the garden by the lemon tree which was absolutely stunning,  laden with rich golden lemons among the emerald green leaves. I was told that it was not easy to get a table at this restaurant unless one books months in advance, but Heike Fischer is an influential and resourceful individual of this island and I felt grateful that I was able to experience the unique cuisine of this restaurant.


I had the charcoal cooked aubergine with lebne (Middle Eastern curd cheese) followed by  monkfish spaghetti, and they were indeed superb both in appearance and taste.  I followed with the meringue and mascarpone roll and I was in food Heaven!


Next day we started off at the food market in Santa Eulalia, to buy our meat and fish, and dried condiments for my cookery masterclass followed by dinner cooked by me and assisted by passionate foodie Piotr Sadowski.  We stopped for coffee and cake at lovely road side Can Cuomo cafe.

We then went to the secluded La Granja, converted country house with the great views and garden, swimming pool and lunch at €110 per head (tiny glass of rosé wine for €10 a go)! The chef was Diego from Peru.

We then went home to  prep for my masterclass and marinated the beautiful free-range meat and fresh fish after which we made a dash for San Antonio and  managed to catch one of the last days of stunning sunsets. On the way back we stopped at Can Sulayetas near San Mateu for a glass of wine and Piotr had gin and tonic  This was a delightful hippy place with tables outside.  We then got back to our village of Santa Gertrudis for a bottle of red wine in the village square by the church, when we finalised the menu for dinner at Heike’s the following evening.

On the third day of my stay in Ibiza we had breakfast at Wild Beets vegan gluten free restaurant in Santa Gertrudis which was fabulous.  After breakfast a rapid visit to the food market in Ibiza Town followed by the kitchen of Sid Shanti, who is a private chef and produces Ibiza Chilli sauces. We then went for a quick peek into Lamuella, near San Lorenzo, a place run by Liam and Gome Home from Israel. Ilan’s wife has a boutique on-site with clothing and jewellery made in India.

We packed up the car and headed to Isla Blanca, Heike Fischer’s gorgeous house, in one of the northernmost areas of Ibiza. The house is called Saivana, a play on the name of Sascha, Heike’s niece, Iva, Heike’s daughter, and Anna, another of Heike’s nieces. We cooked a lovely dinner in the stunning location, overlooking the Portixol bay, where, after a hike down you are rewarded with a swim in a fishermen’s cove with clear blue waters. For dinner, which eventually was for 12 people, we cooked up a wonderful 13 course menu. We had the three of us, Heike and her partner Walter, Iva and her boyfriend Fabio, Sascha, as well as Heike’s neighbours and friends, Petra and Pedro, with Petra’s daughter Selma, and Hans, a close friend of Heike and Walter. The crowd was international; English, Polish, German, Argentinian, Mexican, Catalan with Brazilian and Italian. The dinner was a huge success and we finished up at 1:30am!

On my final day, before leaving for the  airport, we first visited a house for sale back at Isla Blanca, had a Spanish breakfast and then headed down to the airport for my flight back home.

Heike Fischer runs an estate agents business from Santa Gertrudis, called The Agency. My wonderful sous chef Piotr Sadowski  is actually the Secretary General of Volonteurope network and Head of European Affairs at Volunteering Matters in the UK. But his passion is food and, of course, Ibiza!  I will certainly return to explore more culinary adventure in Ibiza with Piotr.  Having whet the appetite of this international crown who live on the island, it will be a great shame not to repeat this experience  more regularly.