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Create your own romantic menu to share with your loved one!

I have modified my 2019 cooking class schedule and added some new classes so that you can have an intimate home-cooked Valentine’s Day experience at home.

The ultimate romantic day of the year is here once again.  The right ambience with candles and roses on the table, soft music, and food prepared with love and care using ingredients to fuel your passion, are all in your own hands.  We speak the language of love through our food and you will find plenty of love-laden ingredients on my menu.  Seafood, chilli, cardamom, cumin, chocolate, sensuous saffron, ravishing rose essence and more.  After all, why did Cleopatra use cinnamon and rose as beauty aids and Moghul Emperors relaxed in saffron scented rooms with their beautiful Empresses?  I have a main course which is totally dedicated to real life love story! Find out more and book your place by emailing me via the link on or call on 07867 688 931.  Menu available on request if desired prior to booking.

Sunday, 27/1, Saturday 2/2, Thursday 7/2, Saturday 9/2 and Sunday 10/2; 11 am until 3 pm; course fee £75.00 per person

Regional Indian cooking at its best!

Discover real flavours of India with Mridula Baljekar, award-winning Indian chef and cookbook author, who has come to international acclaim with her books and TV shows.  Mridula will show you how to make exotic and delicious dishes from her world award-winning books. You will be able to buy Mridula’s books at a special price signed by her.




Classes are on Saturdays 11 am – 3 pm, fee £75 per person per session payable at time of booking.  All ingredients provided to prepare & taste, including recipes to take away. These are hands-on classes and spaces are limited so that Mridula can give everyone individual attention. 






19th January             Afghani kebab, rogan josh, cumin pilau, cabbage with chilli and garlic


26th January             Lamb seekh kebab, chettinad chicken, cardamom pilau, Hyderabadi daal


 2nd February             Kalmi kebab, rogan josh, cumin pilau, onion bhajiya


9th February:            Reshmi kebab, chicken with roasted poppy seeds, Hyderabadi daal, cardamom-infused basmati rice


16th February:          Aloo tikki, stuffed chicken breasts in almond sauce, saffron pilau, saag-aloo


23rd February           Onion bhajiya, Hyderabadi chicken korma, cardamom pilau, smoked spiced aubergine


2nd March                  Shami kebab, Kerala chicken curry, simple pilau rice,  cabbage with mustard and chilli


9th March                   Afghani kebab, rogan josh, cumin pilau, cabbage with chilli and garlic


16th March:               Amritsari fish, masala kheema baked with eggs, mint and coriander chapati, Kerala cabbage


23rd March                Kalmi kebab, Chicken meatballs in apricot sauce, cardamom pilau, smoked spiced aubergine


30th March:             Gilafi seekh kebab, vermicelli-coated spinach patties, chicken biryani, chutney & raita


6th April :               Smoked fish with chilli & lime, chicken do-piaza, Hyderabadi daal, chilli-coriander naan


13th April:             Shami kebab, chicken biryani, mushrooms in chilli tomato sauce, paratha (flaky flat bread)


27th April               Kalmi kebab, Hyderabadi chicken korma, tandoori roti, smoked spiced aubergine


4th May:                 Amritsari fish,  Kerala coconut chicken, lemon-laced   basmati rice, saag-aloo


11th May:              Chicken malai tikka, butter chicken, saffron pilau, cauliflower braised with cumin, coconut and chill


18th May:             Ragda-pattice (spiced chickpeas & potato cakes), chicken biryani, mushroom bhaji, cucumber raita


25th May                Amritsari fish, chicken-mango korma, potatoes in coconut milk, easy naan


1st June:              Onion bhajiya, chicken in apricot and almond sauce, green beans with toasted sesame seeds,

                             easy naan


8th June:              Prawn & smoked haddock cake, kheema pilau, cauliflower masala, coconut-coated cucumber



15th June              Layered prawn cake, chicken-mango korma, potatoes in chilli-tamarind sauce, easy naan


22nd June             Chicken malai tikka, butter chicken, saffron pilau, ragda pattice (spiced chickpeas & potato cakes) 


29th June               Ragda-pattice (spiced chickpeas with potatocakes)chicken in apricot and almond sauce, green beans with toasted sesame seeds, cardamom pilau


No classes during July and August.  Autumn term dates will be published at the end of Spring/Summer.

Places are limited in order to give you a hands-on experience. Please email Mridula: to book or for more information.   Learn more about Mridula on 

Mridula’s cookery classes make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary or any other special occasion.   Gift vouchers are available on request.