Recipes, Menus and Cookalong


Indian Basics

In this section you will find a variety of basic recipes, all lovingly crafted by Mridula, and all with her authentic Indian touch. The basic everyday meal in an Indian home consists of plain boiled rice, wholemeal flat bread (chapatti), tarka daal, a vegetable dish without sauce, pickles, raita or plain yogurt. For those who are not vegetarian, a fish, meat or chicken dish is added. This is a completely balanced and nutritious meal as the rice provides complex carbohydrates needed by our body, wholemeal flat bread adds dietary fibre and other essential nutrients, from the vegetables come vitamins and minerals. The daal and yogurt provide plenty of protein and other nutrients.



Indian Cuisine

This section includes classic recipes with Mridula’s special touches and some of her innovative ones to serve alongside the classics. With basic and the recipes in this section, you are now well-equipped to throw a dinner party and show off your creations! Mridula will bring you exquisite new recipes from her vast repertoire each month.





Coming soon – Cookalong with Mridula will be a series of exciting new videos.

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